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Starving? Check out Chikaan

Looking for rice-all-you-can treats? Chikaan is just one of the many restaurants that offer unlimited rice in Cebu. But more than the overflowing rice, the better treat is their collection of delicious, mouth-watering and true-to-the-heart Pinoy menu.

I know I should have taken a photo of what we ordered but we must have been too hungry then, my hubby and I just went ahead and digged in.  We ordered pinakbet, dilis with ampalaya, crispy pata, and two fresh buko juices, all that for only 500 pesos. Next time, I’m making sure I try their Pochero (hmm..yummy!)

Chikaan is one of the oldest restaurants in Cebu offering all-time Filipino food. It has almost the same offerings as Golden Cowrie. In fact I think they are owned by the same family (feel free to correct me here). You can find them at SM Cebu City Northwing and at Juan Osmena Street, Cebu City.

The International

If you’re planning to watch a movie, cross “The International” out.

Watching a movie involves finding a relevance, some connection, something to ponder about, or even just plainly for entertainment. “The International” just failed to do any of that.

When a movie is all what its poster says and nothing more, you can’t help but feel tricked (say, can I have my money back?). Sorry to Clive’s fans out there but the movie was just too dragging. If you have seen one of its posters, do not expect anything more. It’s all been laid out. They attempted to insert a few complications, which made it even a harder-to-watch movie.

It started bad. The script was very lazily written and though there were a few exciting action moments, the whole 2-hour run was just too hard to handle.

The film revolves around two investigators who were following a conspiracy involving the International Bank of Business and Credit. The  IBBC was suspected to be involved in illegal activities including providing arms to third world countries. They travel from one place to another to follow their leads and suspects until finally killing the CEO of the bank. The end.

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